DojiPay is a business service and software product generated to solve topical issues related to payments, cryptocurrency exchanges, and storage for both businesses and customers. DojiPay commodities include cryptocurrency processing and a personal wallet

We are not registered as a financial or financial institution; furthermore, we do not hold any specific license. Our business replica does not need it.

We can give you a trial account at DojiPay, where you can familiarise yourself with the merchant dashboard and test all the tools, but some pre-test steps are necessary for you:

1. Download the DojiPay wallet.

2. Acquire DojiPay* coins by visiting this website https://dojipay.io and entering your address, created using the DojiPay wallet.

3. Remain for 1 confirmation for the test coin to be spent.

Please note that DojiPay is not intended to be of any value. More data about DojiPay is available here.

Please apply by filling in the contact form on dojipay.io or by email to [email protected] Our administrators will contact you as soon as possible.

We are evolving a personal account for users of our wallet, it is currently in the testing phase of its development, and we'll declare it as soon as it's ready.

Integration is free, we only charge transaction fees. Transaction types include deposit, withdrawal, and exchange, but we also have transaction combinations, such as deposits with a prompt exchange. The fees depend on the required options and the merchant’s business type. Please apply at [email protected] for a particular commercial offer.

At the moment we accept more than 50 altcoins (BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, ETC, XMR, XRP, ZEC, NEO, ADA, DOGE, DASH, USDT) and ERC20 tokens. We also have straight bank wire for deposits and withdrawals in the EUR.

DojiPay provides the chance for both merchants and their end-users to send and receive over 140 cryptocurrencies within their account utilizing DojiPay, crediting the counter-party's balance to the necessary coin. This option is available in a manual method for end-users and with the help of an API for businesses.